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125cc 2 stroke cr125r

I have been doing some research on this site as well as many others. I have been an auto mechanic for over ten years now as well. I know my way around chevys to ferraris. That is my background.

I purchased a (1991 honda cr125r frame and 6spd transmission 1999 jug and upper engine bored out from a 124cc to a 125cc) 125cc 2 stroke dirtbike for modifications for an mpg to and from work bike and off road dirtbike. The plans are to modify the plastics to handle the 70-80mph cruising (the obvious mechanical stuff i have already done sprockets etc). The plastics I have been looking at are for the rs125r honda. I will be removing the plastics for when the bike is used as a dirt bike (mostly trails). another consideration is the street legal version, a nsr125.

i guess i can't post images yet...

aside from that- does anyone have any suggestions? a quick mspaint draw up of anything? pictures? I don't want to do a huge shroud deal like done in the sticky here. screw that. I am not as hard core about it as you fellas on the economy side. I come from the racing word, we do care about emissions and mpg because the less you pit stop the farther ahead you can be. Although it isn't nearly as important to us as it is to the distance mpg guys around here. my biggest concern is i don't want the little light weight bike to lift up at higher speeds. I will eventually be taking it to the track at BIR in MN.

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