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conversions in mn are easy. we dont have emission tests and i don't have to bring in the bike to be checked. i have a check list i need to go over. the fee is 10 bucks. i will probably have 5-600 in the street conversion. that is including street tires and a separate set of rims. i hate mounting those damn bike tires. fun-i got a buddy who has a tire machine so- we will see if that will work fine.

it was either the 5 spd or the 6 spd. i went with the extra gear. 6th is pretty much od anyway for highway use. i am probably onyl going to make 40hp at the crank with the mods to the motor as is. to make 40whp i would need more work to it- not much but still. these are already pretty built as is. road bikes suck compared to dirtbikes. road bikes are way too heavy. who the hell does 200mph anywhere? if it can handle 130mph its cool with me for a bike. my v8 datsun should do 224mph when all done at bonneville flats. People have put the old s30 z cars in windtunnels. so i have the benefit there already.

its the aerodynamics of the plastics i was curious about. any help there fellas? or do you guys think the plastics from a rs125r or a nrs125 would be good enough? the goal is 130mph pegged. i would like to cruise at 70mph and if i have the sprocket setup for 130 i should be fine at 70mph without sucking 10 gallons a second.
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