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Here are some current pictures of the car:
Side View:

3/4 View:

Front View:

My first tank was a sad 20 MPG but that was mostly due to a bad fuel leak I had and fixed. The second tank I got over 26 MPG which is the best I have ever gotten in the car. This is with the use of the EOC switch I installed. I shut it off at lights and while coasting.

For the future mods, I don't want to do too much to the exterior visuals of the car since I like the looks of it. However I do plan to put in a partial or full grill block, but with acrylic or plexiglass, so it doesn't look much different visually. I want to add a bellypan with coroplast eventually. I am also thinking of removing the bumpers. Just the horizontal part, and leaving the bumper overriders. I have seen other Spitfires done this way and it looks good. When I remove the front one, Ill have to find a spot for the license plate. Here in California we have to have front plates.

My next project is to get an MPGUINO working on it. Since it is carburetted and mechanical everything, Ill have to add my own fuel flow sensor and vehicle speed sensor. I picked up two fuel flow sensors from ebay that are for a boat. They have 5 pins. I can't find the documentation for them online, so Ill have to experiment with them to find out what the pins are. There is an impeller inside that I can hear when I blow through the tube.

I haven't found an inexpensive VSS to put on the driveshaft yet.


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