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Originally Posted by Atheria View Post
So during this morning's 22-23 mile cold commute, after finally finding the current time avg mpg sensor, Sophia was getting up to 48! I ended up mostly in the 45-46 mpg range. My car has a mind of her own...but don't all women? ;-) What IS different between my Fiat Sophia and 08 Scion xD named Bob, is that with Bob the mpg sensor would jump to 99.9 if I coasted in gear, but if I do that with Sophia the RPMs stay up and the mpg doesn't improve. My mpg only goes up coasting in neutral. She is not a turbo, FYI.

I'm curious about my next fill up.

Thanks all!
...yes, your Fiat has a built-in MPG display, but notice that you have NO way of calibrating its values, which is the major reason people here keep metioning that you should consider getting a separate fuel economy guage, such as ScanGaugeII™ or UltraGauge™ or similar.

These devices (like your Scion) will jump to 99.9 mpg when you coast, but ONLY *IF* the Fiat computer goes into Deceleration Fuel Cut-Off (DFCO) mode...which it might NOT be doing.
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