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Originally Posted by Atheria View Post
Well, if my avg. mpg sensor is accurate, by the end of today I was getting 44.9 mpg. I clearly gain mpg by coasting in neutral. It's odd how the RPMs don't drop at all when I take my foot off the gas in gear. I'm also going into the highest gear possible without making the engine struggle. I was in 5th gear today doing just 45 mph.

Thanks again, everyone!
Your engine is linked to the road when in gear, it can't drop in rpm without slipping the clutch.
The Fiat 500 should be 2,360–2,530 lb, you have 3300 in the garage profile for sophia.
Getting sensor data off of a pre OBDII Toyota ECU via TDCL.
All of this is on E10: Project E is my current focus.

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