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Originally Posted by edisonbaggins View Post
Just wanna say thanks for the advice I've gotten so are in this thread and on this forum.
Based on the spinning wheel trick I was able to confirm that I found my VSS (1991 Geo Metro). MPGuino also has good power and I seem to be getting fuel readings.
Trouble at this point is very intermittent data for speed. This weekend I'm going to try to make all my connections more securely and see if that solves this problem.
Speed will register accurately for a few seconds, then cut down to zero, only to come back from time to time.
If that's the only problem you are having, you may want to check all the solder connections on your board, and specifically the ones along the VSS line. When I soldered mine up I had missed one connection (or rather, it didn't make a solid connection when I soldered it the first time). Your board may be perfect, but it is something to keep in mind.
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