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Has anyone thought about putting the prius guts into a small personal plane?!
98hp is more than enough to get a plane in the air and up to a reasonable cruise speed and altitude.
Using the Electric drive at altitude, with the assistance of solar panels on the wings and fuselage.

When the enigne is off, use "regen" braking as you coast(dasend) after depleting the battery.
Planes increase in speed or stay constant in a dasend, creating an ungodly coast while charging the battery to full capacity through the constant rotation of the prop. Use the Engines power to climb back up to altitude, cruise on electric until depleted, then desend again for regeneration. As well as mixing your electric use and Regen on Final Approach.

EDIT: Yup there are tons of stories and articles about hybrid planes, with some really impressive "mpg" figures. But not a whole lot on commercially built for the avid flyer, that could afford it

EDIT:: Car wise i wouldnt mind having the system in a lightened /aeromodded C6 Corvette, with hybrid-AWD. keep the live axle and bolt up the electric motor, and incorporate the front wheel drive. just might be bareble to drive in the winter months. Add an additional Sport Mode to use both systems in tandem for AWD performance. The Electric assistance would help out in standing launches, not to mention probably have some good get up and go performance from a system that utilizes only 138Hp combined
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