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You know you're an ecomodder if/when...

I was at the gas station, filling up last night. As I watched the gallons tick away, I got more and more giddy, 'cause I was thinking how far I could stretch each one. Then I had to chuckle at myself. Since when have I EVER enjoyed filling up? (I almost forgot how, last time was nearly two weeks ago)
That made me start thinking...

You Know You're an Ecomodder If;

You get a stupid smile on your face when you fill up at the gas station.
You know what DWL, P and G, and EOC stand for.
You say the name 'Basjoos' with respect and awe.
You either own a Scangauge or have a serious case of SG-envy.
you look at election signs in people's yards and think, "front air dam".

C'mon, help me out here. Add some of your own.

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