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It's all about Diesel
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Seems like a Volkswagen engine would be the easiest option to make a fully EPA-compliant Diesel swap into a Metro. Other options would be pretty much limited to some stationary or agricultural small engines such as a few ones from Kohler, or that Caterpillar 1.1L 28hp 3-banger, or the one out of some side-by-side ATV such as the Kawasaki Mule, but since they're not exactly road-legal it would be harder to register the vehicle after the swap. If you could get a wrecked Volkswagen TDI to take the engine, electric harnesses and occasionally the gearbox (altough I've already seen some Suzukis fitted with Volkswagen engines retaining the stock gearboxes, but I'm not sure how long would the one of a Metro last coupled to a TDI), that would be the best setup.

Originally Posted by 101Volts View Post
It's beginning to sound as if it's more valuable to buy an 80s Mercedes and convert it to run on Biodiesel.
Getting an old Diesel Mercedes, or eventually some Volkswagen, would be the easiest way to go. But the aerodynamic profile and lightweight of a Metro body would worth the effort of a TDI swap. You might know Volkswagen offered the Polo, which was close in size to the Metro in previous generations, with Diesel engines...
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