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The VX - '95 Honda Civic VX
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Here with my "new" '95 Civic VX!

I currently drive a 2006 Honda Ridgeline and the mileage on that guy was driving me insane. Looked up fuel efficient vehicles online and was surprised at all of the cars listed from the late 80s and early-to-mid 90s. The Civic VX was on the list and I found one on Craigslist about 2 1/2 hours away from me - picked it up 4 days later. It has 250,000 on the odometer but still feels strong. Really excited to have it and start saving money on gas. It got 40 mpg on the drive home after purchasing and recently got right around 36 mpg on its first fill-up; driving was mainly city with trips to and from work. Definitely looking to get it into the 50s with mpg and will be getting either a Scangauge or MPGuino soon (looks like the Scangauge is only compatible with '96+ vehicles so I'm guessing that I'll go with the MPGuino), will replace one of the half-axles, will be changing out fluids in the transmission (plus filter) and differential, putting in new plugs and wires, possibly putting a new distributor and cap on, and then will start looking at aerodynamic mods (I'm bush league in the fabricating department). Driving for more efficiency is pretty exciting and has already made driving the VX fun.

Oddities: My VX has a chatter/rumble of sorts which sounds like it's coming from the transmission or bottom end of the engine and I've read on forums that a lot of them have throwout bearing issues so I'm curious if there is a recommended fix for this issue. My fuel gauge also jumps pretty sporadically but I'm not too sure this is a huge deal.

Excited to be here!

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