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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by Curtis in Texas View Post
Just started stripping out the gas engine of one of the Tigers I have for the diesel conversion. Man those Brits like to bolt stuff together with big bolts. Makes me wonder if they lack faith in their metalurgy or design abilities. It's like stripping a Harley with all those 19 MM (3/4 in) bolts. Massive!!!! I think my Diesel KLR's largest bolt in it is a 14 mm.
I'm begining to wonder if the Diesel Tiger will lose weight once I'm finished.
British engineering at its finest. Triumph motorcycles are built like tanks, and well-known for their reliability.

Oh have you guys seen the Elio from yet? Their engine is a 3 cyl and I'm wondering if they will use the standard bolt pattern where a 3 cyl diesel can be swapped in. They are claiming 84 MPG with 1000 cc 5 speed in a 3 wheeler!
I wonder if that "Perkapillar" 1.1L 3-banger would be a good option...
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