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The LCD display is somewhere in the fossil free fuel forum. I'd do a search for "chris" "LCD" "display".

I've got 3 dual driver (vla500-01) boards, and all the parts to populate them with ceramic composition 3.9Ohm gate resistors. I ordered extras so I could match them to +/- 0.5% or so. I've also got a few igbt modules, but might get some 600v 600amp ones too. Those 3 boards are going to serve multiple duties. First, I'm going to get the solar inverter working. That means ordering 3 100amp inductors. I've already got the capacitors for the LC filter. Next, I'll use the power section for the AC controller, just by disconnecting the 3 LC filters. Finally, there's been quite a bit of talk on the EV tech list about zero current and zero voltage switching to almost completely eliminate switching losses. Also, running 3 phases of DC switching, with 3 inductors inside the controller so the output to the motor sees almost pure DC. That makes the motor run more efficently and cooler. I was thinking that I could just use the solar inverter power section to get the 3 phase DC controller working. That should be interesting. And if I can eliminate the switching losses with the zvs switching, that would be very cool too.

There's been a delay in all of this because I forgot to update my address with TIAA Cref. haha. So, they are making me wait 2 weeks from last Friday before I can get my retirement money.
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