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Learning Aeromodding
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Ya, I get to have quite a few opportunities to EOC for long distances too, I love it!
The reason it seems like such a waste to me, is because I have to use the brakes a lot of the way down, THEN you have to come to a complete stop at the bottom because visibility isn't very good for the perpendicular hwy. My little CRX could easily get up to 80+ MPH on that hill. Speed limit is 60, and I was slowing down to 40 from 70 several times.
I should have stopped along the way down it and taken some pictures. I usually think of that after the fact. I'm getting better.
Lol, there IS another steep hill further down the hwy, but it has a long stretch at the bottom and another hill on the other side a mile away. That one, I didn't have to throw away the gained momentum. Hehehe.

But now I'm rambling on..... You know you're an ecomodder when you can get to talking about hypermiling or ecomodding easily and have a hard time stopping!
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