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Thanks guys, I really want to go with lithium right from the start as well, but it will mean that I have wait a little longer to bring this to reality. I've thought about trying to go with lead to start, but I hate doing things twice and I really don't like the idea of doing battery maintenance on floodies. I know it will cost more in the long run to do a lead conversion and then change it all over to lithium as well. I'm thinking it would be better to start with a small lithium pack and then add a second pack later to upgrade performance and/or range. Does that seem reasonable? Looking at EV calculators, 100ah of lithium will give about the same range as 180ah of lead, because of it's lower weight and deeper discharge abilities. Does that seem about right? If so, that would make AGM's almost as much as lithium.
If I were to do a build with a small lithium pack and planned to enlarge it later, which would be better? Should I start with the voltage I want and low ah cells or the ah cells I want but lower voltage? I understand the range vs performance tradeoff, but which would be an easier upgrade?

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