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Driver rear window (convertible only) Not used (spare)
Passenger rear window (convertible only) Brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI) Turn signals, Hazard flashers
Left low beam headlamp Right low beam headlamp Courtesy lamps
Switch illumination Security module
Power mirrors Not used (spare)
Center information display, Electronic finish panel, GPS
Climate control
Not used (spare)
Power door locks, Trunk release Not used (spare)
Navigation amp
Diagnostic connector
Fog lamps
Park lamps, License lamps
High beam headlamps
Demand lighting (battery saver), Gauge pack, Visor vanity lamps
Cluster (battery)
Ignition switch feed
Audio mute (start)
Camera (run/start)

Circuit Breaker Relay
Temperature sensor motor
Restraints control module (RCM)
Reverse parking aid
Not used (spare)
Electronic stability control
Auxiliary body module (ABM) run/start Passive anti-theft system (PATS)
Not used (spare)
Not used (spare)
Not used (spare)
Accessory delay (windows, automatic dimming rear view mirror [including microphone and compass] and door switch III)
Not used (spare)
Heated seat relay coils
Not used (spare)
Wiper relay and module, Blower relay Passenger airbag deactivation indicator (PADI), Occupant classification sensor (OCS) Not used (spare)
Accessory delay relay (windows, automatic dimming rear view mirror [including microphone and compass] and door switch III)

Passenger compartment fuse panel Not used
Not used
Blower motor relay
Powerpoint (body)
Rear defroster
Cooling fan relay
Anti-lock brake system (ABS) pump Wipers

20A** Fuel pump relay (non-Shelby) 25A** Fuel pump relay (Shelby only)
— Not used
10A** Intercooler pump relay (Shelby only) 20A** Heated seats
10A** Alternator sense
20A* Auxiliary body module (ABM) 30A* Starter relay
30A* Rear amplifier (Shaker 1000 radio) 30A* Powertrain relay
20A* Powerpoint (instrument panel)
10A** Powertrain control module (PCM) keep-alive power
10A** Brake on/off (BOO) power
10A** A/C compressor relay
20A** Left high intensity discharge headlamp relay 20A** Right high intensity discharge headlamp relay
— Not used
30A* Passenger front window
— Not used
30A* Passenger power seat
30A* Driver power seat
30A* Front amplifier (Shaker 500 radio) 30A* Driver front window motor
40A* Convertible top motor
Diode Fuel diode — Not used
15A** Fuel injectors (Shelby only) 5A** Rear defroster coil (run/start)

Auxiliary relay with heated seats (if equipped)
On heated seat equipped vehicles, there is a relay box located under the driver seat containing two relays for the driver and passenger heated seats.
2012 05+ Mustang (197) Owners Guide, 2nd Printing USA (fus)
15A** G8VA relay G8VA relay G8VA relay — 5A** 5A**
15A** 15A** 15A**
Full ISO relay
Full ISO relay
Full ISO relay
Full ISO relay
Full ISO relay
Full ISO relay
High current relay
Full ISO relay
PCM vehicle power 4 – ignition coil Fuel pump relay
Intercooler pump relay (Shelby only) A/C compressor relay
Not used (spare) PCM run/start
PCM vehicle power 3 – general powertrain components
PCM vehicle power 1 Mass air flow sensor
PCM vehicle power 2 – emissions related powertrain components
Cooling fan relay (high)
Blower motor relay
Starter relay
Rear defroster relay
Front wiper relay
Cooling fan relay (low)
Fuel pump sensor (Shelby only) PCM relay
Not used (Spare)

I tried a few methods, but this was the best I could do. The only fuel injector fuse is only in effect on the Shelby, unfortunately. I was trying to avoid using a relay, I set it up to replace just a mini fuse. I was tinking the PATS might be the next best, but that may only stop starting-not ignition in the engine. I can't refind the forum and post that gave me my first attempt.

Best Tanks:
Mustang - 54.83 mpg (US) at the Green Grand Prix
Insight - 82.91966 mpg (US) over 818.5 miles.
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