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I finished soldering the 3 driver boards Yesterday I think. Well, I need one more PS2501 optocoupler for telling the micro about a desaturation event. I ordered 6, and Mouser sent me 5! oh that makes me so mad.

Anyway, with using 3 phases on a DC controller, I can use a single smaller film cap for the input capacitor, since the cap will see much smaller ripple. For example, if I switch at 16KHz per phase, it's basically 48KHz of switching, but only one is switching at a time, so the IGBTs won't mind. It's funny that the exact same hardware can be a 3 phase AC controller, a solar inverter, and a DC controller (with extra clean near-DC output, just how the motor likes it). I think I'll call it, "The D-ASCII. 0x0D 0x0A"
D for direct.
- for a dash
A for Alternating.
S for solar
C for Controller
I for inverter
I for inverter, and so it spells ASCII
0x0D for carriage return
0x0A for line feed...
kits and boards
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