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Originally Posted by forerunner343 View Post
I've recently purchased a 99 HX, but I don't know much about it so I'm hoping some of you can help me understand how to drive it better. I understand the lean burn for extended highway driving, but I do mostly city driving and I don't know good shifting practices for maximum mpg. Where should I try and keep my RPMs for city driving? Should I try to be in highest gear all the time (if not on an incline)?
I think to achieve the best mpg during city driving try to stay below 2500rpm or else you will engage the 16v mode. I'm sure the d16y5 works the same as the 3 stage vtec but just without the 3rd stage at 5300rpms. During city driving i shift at 2500rpm and the lowest I'll keep it is 2000rpm.
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