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Originally Posted by jamesqf
Now let's think a bit about the rationale for his diamond-fruiting trees as a solution to excess CO2. Can we do genetic engineering at that level? Is it even physically possible to create diamonds without extreme heat & pressure? If you replace a significant part of the plant life with inedible diamond-producing trees, what do we (and the rest of the biosphere) eat?
Maybe instead of diamonds, the trees could grow something more useful—like carbon nano-tubes. Or spaghetti.

Originally Posted by Arragonis
And at the end you ignored my key question so I'll restate it - your kids vs. their's - which ones are more deserving of resources, make a choice.
Which post was that in? Did I miss it? If it's a general question; I'd have to know which side *your* children stand on to answer.

If I seem grumpy it's because I think people should live in (bio-mimicing, hoemostatic) plastic bubbles that don't need ongoing energy input. Then 'heat or eat' is moot. In fact the plastic bubble could feed you, too. Witness the Oak Gall.