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Sometimes in science you have to think beyond the idea of current ideas and ponder the ethics behind the research. This is the kind of thought that troubled Oppenheimer until his death - that he had invented the perfect way to end the world, he battled it until he died.

So lets imagine you are a scientist and you have a one-in-a-million chance to make a real difference to the world. You could maybe map the human genome. You could possibly map it and make it available to the world so that science as a whole moves on, or you could choose to try and map it in a closed way and exploit it for cash.

Remember folks this is you - your fundamental structure.

In the latter corner (i.e. those who like to exploit this stuff) may I present...

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
What does Craig Venter say about anthropogenic climate change?
Thankfully this excersize was rendered non-exclusive by the intervention of the Wellcome foundation (a charity) which progressed on the same course just enough ahead of Celera to make the sequencing "open source". That final announcement was not the one the scientist above wanted to make.

Maybe the key scientists in the original list need editing.
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