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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Arragonis -- Interesting story. It was built upriver from Horseshoe Bend?

Hmmm, steel-hulled propeller driven ship, Birch-hulled propeller driven airplane?
Its been a while since I watched the documentary about where it was built and where it was put at the end. I was most impressed as these guys did all of this more or less with 70s tech - bulldozers, men with chains, men with welders and so on.

The Spruce Goose has been an on and off fascination for me - you can see immediately why it would be a failure - too big. There have been a few others, try this one which was developed alongside the DH Comet - the first Jet Airliner (with serious design flaws).

At the same time they made the Brabazon...

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