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The Latests and greatest is that I duct taped my Lower Grill. Sofar so good on coolant temp being regulated. Been a bit anxious about recording my first fuel log on ecomodder. Its been torture because I have been driving on the same tank for two weeks driving 400+ miles that mostly consisted of many short trips of stop and go 6-12 miles with a cold engine. Looks like it should be around 35+/- 2 MPG but my official numbers will be up later today. I was pulse and gliding alot more on this Tank which helped. I usually get this kind of gas milage with no modifications and doing 70% highway driving so impressed so far since I drove highway about 35%.

I added the moon caps at 3/4 tank, deleted my passenger side mirror at 1/3 tank and blocked my lower grill at empty tank. I am anticipating a further improvement in the next tank of gas from the combination of all three mods from the start to finnish!
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