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There are examples of "scratch-built" out there. Ranging from folks who take an existing trailer shell (AIRSTREAM), to truly from-the-ground-up.

While the work and craftsmanship is, at times, mind-bendlingly good (and some just pedestrian) everyone has to work with the same constraints. Space is a bigger problem to arrange over weight (and more important, overall shape).

Thus the recommendation on "dissection". Dimensions, first.

Re-inventing the wheel (trying to do better what professional engineers and designers have done for decades) usually comes up short. I would assume it, in fact, that compromises in one direction lead unerringly to shortcomings in another. The evidence is apparent given some experience with which to read some of the blogs and threads.

RV's are duration-limited according to water capacity. And are fairly well impossible without propane. Space to sleep, and the ability to cook. All else is detail (and of minor consequence by comparison).

Where re-supply on a daily basis is possible, then fuel to move the vehicle can be minimized. Past 48-hours or so is where the difficulties start to arise. System size[s] and complexity.

Look forward to what you come up with.

On this site (in other threads) are some examples also worth noting, among them, ULTRAVAN.

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