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Real world hwy P&G mpg for 250-650cc cycles?

After further researching into my various options I think i'm finally narrowing down my choices. If i'm reduced to 30mph commuting i'll just go with a 2hp assisted bicycle. Motorcycles that have to struggle to keep up on the highway just aren't much point right now and i'm guessing in the real world will probably be worse MPG by being run flat out vs a pulsed and glided bigger bike. Although there are bikes that i've found I like just fine even in the 125cc class, i'm primarily to be riding for mileage instead of fun and don't want to spend $2000+ right now.

So narrowing this down further. Can anyone with a bike in that approximate range share what kind of highway figures they get? People averaging 55mph or faster only I mean. I'm hoping that using P&G I might be able to hit 80mpg even with a 650cc vtwin or so. Also on an older/less valuable standard i'm potentially more willing to do things like drill holes and make up custom fairings and such to improve the aero which I don't really want to do on a newer nice bike that I want to hold all it's value. Plus the larger displacements have enough torque to move around the mini-trailers I was asking about without completely falling over likely even P&G'ing them around even uphill if needed.

So am I probably right that, using pulse and glide, the larger bikes will probably get about the same mileage as the smaller ones? Ie a Ninja 650 vs a Ninja 250. I'm assuming specific fuel consumption per HP is pretty similar, and the faster acceleration during pulse time just puts energy into the momentum that much quicker not really using any more gas to get from 45-75mph for instance assuming total weight is about the same.

Does anyone want to recommend specific reliable used motorcycles that would be suited to pulse and glide highway riding like this? Ideally bikes obtainable for under $1000 or so or maybe $1500 at the max? Even dual sports/street legal dirt bikes are fine, actually if there is one it might even be better since i've heard them recommended for training to get used to low traction conditions and to have a bike that isn't phased by being dropped.

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