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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
Sorry no pics , not that smart, yet , but doing some research today found out Dodge made an eco car back in 75 called the Dodge Dart lite, it was lightened with an aluminum tranny case ,intake, special exhaust and higher gearing and epa rated at 36 mpg, I wiki searched it today the Plymouth equivalent was called the Feather duster LOL , but true.
Yup there was a Dart Lite, and the Feather Duster. There was also a Hang 10 Duster, which I believe had some of the Feather Duster bits, but also had a hand cranked sunroof and a back seat that folded flat. I think one of Al Bundy's Dusters from the TV show "Married with Children" was a Feather Duster. I know one was a Gold Duster for sure, but I think I remember seeing a lite weight one in the garage at some point. Here's some more old Chrysler F.E. reading for you if you are up for it: The Chrysler Lean Burn engine control system
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