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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
Assuming that our "solid evidence" is correct - there was a big melt in 1923 and a big freeze in 1938 (and ?? in between) the next question is whether the reconstructions of earlier periods would show those kinds of "spikes" given what happened last summer (a spike downwards).
I don't quite get it. The "big melt" described in that article does show up on the reconstruction graph, and it's only a fraction of the melting observed today.

As a seperate question we also have to ask how the graph that Neil posted includes "observations" from about 1850 onwards and how they are linked to satelites which have been in place only since 1979 ? Should they be on the same graph or noted as being different ?
Seems obvious to me. There is a period of time for which they have both satellite observations and the data from which the reconstruction was done. The satellite observations are overlaid on the graph to show that for that period, the reconstruction is a very good match to satellite data.