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From what I understand, Singh did this on two-stroke engines, but since four-strokes are supposed to be more efficient, then it might not do any good.

I do remember reading about one test. Someone said that it was not scientific because it used the wrong cell, but I doubted that the guy knew what he was saying. The testers said that proper testing would have been prohibitively expensive.

Okay, quick search results:

Thanks to ConnClark: RevSearch Engine Dyno; Grooves testing.

V8 without significant results.

The one that I described, which I shared in the same thread: Hot Rod Forum : Hotrodders Bulletin Board - View Single Post - Singh Grooves

The entire testing procedure took twelve months.

Mwebb shared this, stating that for a three-cylinder engine, grooves increase mileage without affecting performance:

He said that it would not work with more cylinders.

Well, try it on a lawnmower and get back to us.
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