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Yea, maybe my LCD has different power requirements, but hooking up the LCD power pin 2 (no backlight) to 'duino pin 15 won't power up the LCD. Doesn't matter where my ground is (pin 14 or GND).

Fortunately, the package I got had two LCDs included, so I can try the other one, and use a cleaner setup for wiring (maybe I'll use a couple short pieces of cat-5, with 3 or 4 pins used for data each, twisted with a GND.

I also tried inserting delays - in the lcdCommandWrite() I upped the delays from 1 to 2, but will be more aggressive. I also tried adding 50ms delays between all the initialization commands, also to no avail. I also tried bringing the main loop from a half second to a full second. Still no help, thought I didn't really expect it to.

The LCD was working beautifully with the sample codes on, but not with your code. Not sure what's going on. I'd really like to avoid having to rewrite the whole damn thing using one of their libraries. I did spend a couple hours last night with v0.62 printed out studying the code, so I have a decent feel for what's going on if it becomes necessary.
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