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Compare & Contrast with new AN650FF project & Vetter Zero

New tail-top looks very good, but why have you made it so wide?
Am a bit puzzled by that.
Meanwhile, my friend Koen in Belgium has bought himself an old Suzuki Burgman 650 which he's planning to turn into a road-legal streamliner.
When both machines are finished, it would be very interesting to run your machine alongside his at the same but increasing speeds for a fixed distance and compare fuel consumption.
He also put a body on an electric moped recently too. See his 'Nest of Dragons' section on here:
Nest of Dragons - The projects of Koen Van de Kerckhove | FF Web
Meanwhile, I've recently ridden the latest Zero electric motorcycles in Spain.
Not at all aerodynamic, so crying out for FFing, something which Craig Vetter is currently doing with the Zero which was recently ridden coast to coast across the USA. See Craig Vetter, designer and inventor of the Windjammer fairing,Triumph Hurricane Motorcycle and fuel economy motorcycles
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