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Makesgirlfriendmad - '09 Ford Ranger XL
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Not really an eco car...

I have two 4 cylinder, 5 spd trucks that I'd like to get a little more out of.
My daily driver is an 09 Ranger regular cab. It's mileage varies quite a bit - mostly with wind direction/speed. It's been as high as 12lph and as low as 7.3lph. Lately it's been around 8.
The front will be blocked up soon enough and I have a cap on it. Synthetic oil all around and tires inflated more than usual. It's a start.

The other truck is a cabover with a 16' box. It's a Hino with a 3.8l turbo diesel. I don't drive it much. Its going to be a moving truck first and then a camper. It would be cool to build a useful tail for it.
It'll need skirts, too.

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