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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Anyone claiming that some of these little trailers are up to landscaping or roof tear-offs seems not to have done them. Jobs where the estimates are by the cubic yard. That would be with any single-family non-attached house.
A good trailer is perfectly up to that job - even the small ones - you'll just need to shuttle back & forth a couple more times in order not to overload it.
For the average Joe, landscaping his garden or tearing down the roof wouldn't be a frequent occurrence.

Plenty of landscaping companies here use trailers.
Often the heavier, twin or triple axle versions, but some use single axle trailers up to about 3000 lbs.
They can go where larger trailers (and tow vehicles) can't.

Does U-Haul rent dump trailers? No. Do they rent large open trailers? No? Why, because the uses to which they are put tear the hell out of them.
U-haul is not the be-all, end-all of rental corporations.
We can easily rent that kind of trailer over here.

The payload convenience of a pickup is high
So is the hefty price tag for this usually infrequently used convenience.

If people actually thought about it, they'd see the daily inconvenience of pick-ups for all but the very infrequent , very occasional heavylifting.
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