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Trailers are awesome. I remember burning through a ton of gas going to pick up friends trailers when I needed more than my truck bed and then burning up more gas to take them back. It got old fast. Then I got a 20 ft flatbed and I can carry whatever I want.

I use the truck for most of what I do, like hauling wood, rock, supplies....
The trailer only gets used if I need to carry something long or big. Anything that will fit in the truck, goes in the truck, regardless of weight. I can put 8,000 lbs in the truck, so I don't have to worry about overloading, and the trailer will carry about the same. I don't use it that often, but when I need it, I have it. It only cost me $400.

1991 F-250:
4.9L, Mazda 5 speed, 4.10 10.25" rear
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