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You know what's worse than gummed valves and diluted oil?

Mongs who use apostrophes in the plural form of a word. It's a pet peeve of mine. I can let it slide in cases where the poster is from a country where English is not the mother tongue, but, I have witnessed it in this thread by an Englishman.

Shame on you sir for having to have your grammar corrected by a colonist.

Rant over. On to the topic at hand.

It appears that GDI may not be ready for prime time. Maybe they need to go back to the drawing board. Maybe it will never give enough benefit to justify its use. As for diesels I am very leary of the latest treatments. I think "clean diesel" is likely a good idea, but all this other exhaust wizardry has brought us such gems as the last few renditions of the powerstroke which make the old GM 350 diesel look good.
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