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I have an OBDII adapter and the torque pro app, but I don't use it much, because it is a pain to set up my phone for it and I like the "it's always there" nature of my permanently plugged in Ultragauge. Also, the displays are pretty tiny on the little screen of my phone. Nice looking, but I'd have to duck tape it to the steering wheel to be able to actually see much of anything.

I'm looking, therefore, for an alternative; something I can dedicate solely to running Torque, mount it in the car and leave it, permanently hooked up to a charger and everything.

I saw a 7" screen android tablet at Fry's electronic for $59, almost grabbed it, until I realized no bluetooth. Cheapest bluetooth one I've been able to find is $129. I may go ahead and get that, but I'm wondering if folks have found other options. The small tablets look like 7" which seems like overkill, is there a 5" option that would work? A large phone which would work without needing to pay for phone service (looks like someone earlier in the thread discovered that works) or a cheaper bluetooth ready tablet, or perhaps there is an OBDII adaptor that runs mini-USB out and a cheap tablet that will accept mini-USB in?
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