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Poor WOT response is the opposite of what I get running E85; to take full advantage of the potential I had to install a stronger clutch, and then burned that out and had to install an even stronger clutch. E85 has less energy per volume but you can run it at a much faster timing, the equivalent of 106 octane. I've seen as high as 250 hp on my ultragauge in a car that stock delivered 138, and running gasoline with my other modifications never went higher than 195 on the same gauge. I know those aren't highly accurate numbers and don't reflect power to the ground, but they are indicative of how much relative increase E85 can deliver.

Here, though, I was more interested in discussing how much less gasoline the fuel lets me use.

I'm jealous of Brazil and its Cane ethanol, running around on Corn is nice but I know yours was developed more efficiently. And 100% would be, pun intended, sweet.
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