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Originally Posted by Allch Chcar View Post
I don't like hub motors because they tend to be limited in size and the lack of gearing. 516 ft-lbs might sound like a lot of torque. But at the wheels, it's a fraction of the torque available from the ICE Fiesta.

I find that hard to believe. People can tell a difference from losing a total of 10-20lbs for lighter wheels on a Miata. Do they really expect us to believe we won't feel 50-100lbs more?
Its unfortunate the hub wheel unicorn can't fly, I could live with the unsprung weight on the rear of both the honda insight & cobalt I own and on the subuaru 360 front wheels if it meant I could recycle a cheap Ford Escape pack into a regen/limited distance ev system. Heck the subaru would drive 8 miles on that pack, maybe more.

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