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Well I have to go to the auction, that's kinda what I do. Now, as to whether or not I will be able to avoid bidding on it, THAT's a different story lol. One of my lowrider friends saw that pic of it and just about lost it, he apparently loves these things, he has always wanted to make one into a show car/RV with candy paint and crazy interior. So at least if I get carried away and buy it, then come out the ether the next day I have someone I can pawn it off on ha ha.

As for a reasonable RV, I think I saw something you would have dug MetroMPG. It used to sit at a storage lot I keep one old car at, it was from the USA and I don't think they were ever sold here. It was a late '80s Toyota van, 4x4, with a pop top. It wasn't a JDM car, this one was left hand drive, and I seem to remember it was even a 5 speed. Now that would be a sweet, affordable little RV. There used to be a pop top, conversion 4x4 Suburban near where I lived. It was an '89 or so. Something like that would fill my need for 8 mpg on occasion, but would be a lot more useful than the old white whale I posted above. Sadly, I have only ever seen the one.

I always forget about this thing. I bought it last year, 1982 Dodge/Grumman. I thought it would be a good candidate for an RV, as it's a raised roof model. Apparently they were made to be ice cream trucks, hence the high roof and the 1 ton suspension. But this one was never converted, so it doesn't have any side windows. It has a slant 6 Chrysler motor, and it runs on propane. It's all aluminum so I can't imagine it weighs much for it's size. I guess it could be made into something RV ish, though it is a little on the short side.
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