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'71 El Camino is a GAS HOG!

New to the EcoModder community. I was expecting to see a bunch of hippies (no offense) on this forum, however digging deeper it seems like the rest of you guys are fed up with paying high prices for gas as well.

Anyway, I picked up my '71 El Camino a couple of months ago for $3400. The car so far has needed minimum investment to have it running, but it's certainly not optimized. Right now I am getting 8mpg, mostly city driving and short commutes to and from school and work (less than 5 miles each way).

Two things I am sure need changing are carburetor and intake. The current 2 barrel Rochester 2 Jet gets dirty pretty quickly and I'm pretty sure its coming from the PCV valve that goes into my intake, PCV is getting changed when the part arrives. Carburetor's choke isn't working right either.

The second one is a wheel alignment, not sure how much of a gas killer that is but it pulls to the left.

That being said, thanks for listening. I know, I shouldn't be expecting incredible mileage but if I can get close to 15mpg like I was getting in my Crown Victoria I would be ecstatic.

Don't worry, the loose tailpipe on a chain was fixed immediately!

1971 El Camino
Chevy 350
TH350 transmission

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