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MPGuino settings for 49 state Honda Civic VX.

Hi guys. I have MPGuino installed ver 0.86 and there is plenty of other settings besides two listed in wiki page. Can someone that had verified accuracy of Guino in real life driving provide those settings below please.
I tried default value for microsec/gal and it seems it provides MPGS too high.
After further tests I found that that 175 tires that are one size over 165 tires affect VSSP/M reading and possible usec so doing testing for both parameters.

My car. 1992 Honda Civic VX (federal, non-cali version, lean burn). Stock wheels and all stock configuration besides 175 instead of 165 tires due to no 165 availability.

Contrast = 52. Looks most clear to me. Brightness = 3.

VSS PULSES/MINUTE = 8208 per wiki page for 165 tires? What is yours in VX?
Testing mine by GPS for 175 tires as tire size effects odo and speedo

Microsec/Gallon = please provide yours in VX and why is yours different?

Pulses/2Rev = ???? Please provide yours in VX? Mine is set to 1 per wiki but it's not currently in use per wiki

Timeout = 600000000 ul. 10 min for hopping into convenience store

Tank Gal = 10000 (mine tank always seems like 10 gal). Most VX came with 12 gal. Some like mine came with 10 gal.

Injector DelayuS = ???????????????????? PROBABLY IMPORTANT
Currently running default 500 us

Weight (lbs) = 2094 VX stock curb weight

Scratchpad (odo?) = notepad.

VSS DELAY MS = ???????????????????? PROBABLY IMPORTANT. Currently set to 2 us.

INJTRG 0-DN 1-UP =???????????????... 0 currently set.

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