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Andrzej czesc Rodaku. Did you leave those below settings at default or did you change them? Here is what i was able to gather from Mpguino 0.86 code

Thank you. That helped a lot. I still would like to find clarification on few parameters like

Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????

Injector DelayuS = 500 ul ...that's default but wifi specific for VX is blank. Does that mean 0 or 500...???

VSS Delay ms = 2 ul .....not sure what VX specific would be ???

Her is what i extracted from my 0.86 code and what you provided if anyone whats to use it.

MPGuino Default settings

Cut out of officeal MPGuino 0.86 code
unsigned long parms[] = { 55ul, 8208ul, 500000000ul, 3ul, 420000000ul, 10300ul,
500ul, 2400ul, 0ul, 2ul, 0ul, 0ul };//default values

char * parmLabels[] = { "Contrast", "VSS Pulses/Mile", "MicroSec/Gallon",
"Pulses/2 revs", "Timout(microSec)", "Tank Gal * 1000",
"Injector DelayuS", "Weight (lbs)", "Scratchpad(odo?)", "VSS Delay ms",
"InjTrg 0-Dn 1-Up", "Metric (1=yes)" };

Contrast = 55 ul
VSS Pulses/Mile = 8208 ul Civic VX value
MicroSec/Gallon(Custom Value to car) = 269113500. Yoshi SuperMID designer value custom to Civic VX. Not this is Supermid CPU number not guino.
Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????
Timout(microSec) = 420000000 ul ...dispaly timeout. Can be anything.
Tank Gal * 1000 = 10300 ul ...assign custom value to your car = 10000 = 10 gal tank
Injector DelayuS = 500 ul default
Weight (lbs) = 2400 ul default ....change to 2094 lbs
Scratchpad(odo?) = 0 ul
VSS Delay ms = 2 ul
InjTrg 0-Dn 1-Up = 0 ul
Metric (1=yes) = 0 ul

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