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Originally Posted by wmjinman View Post
San Fran is pretty hilly. I can only imagine - full sized car with V-8, short enough trip not to warm up, extra gas to go up a hill, then stoplight. Extra gas again, then another light.... Or the other way, DOWNHILL to stoplight, BRAKE. down to the next stoplight - BRAKE.

Yeah, I can see 8 .... and in those conditions, 15 would be super-human!!! (super-car? - no, that would be a Lamborghini or Veyron - - ????)

(guess that's where a hybrid would really shine, huh?)
Hills, hills everywhere! Hence why I'd be ecstatic to get the 15mpg I was used to in my '99 Crown Vic. My '86 Cutlass with a 307 V8 and 200r4 got comparable mileage to the '71 with a 350/350. Dunno what gives
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