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Andrzej thank you very much. There are few discreptencies between few threads on settings. In wiki i believe it has been established that
1994 Honda Civic VX 49-state 1.5L lean burn 5 spd manual has

vss/m = 8208 MicroSec/Gallon = 0279235000

yet designer of SuperMID, Yoshi claims mics/gal is different. I find Yoshi to be more accurate based on what i know my car does at given time in terms of mpgs. wiki numbers are BIG and seem WAY off.

VSS Pulses/Mile = 8208 ul Civic VX value
MicroSec/Gallon(Custom Value to car) = 269113500. Yoshi SuperMID designer value custom to Civic VX.

Andrzej can you provide more details on how to test this. I think i'm lost a little bit. I will try to re-read this few times and do this but not sure i'm getting it all. Also what concerns me are those few settings that are left at default in MPGuino and for example delay is listed blank so that means zero?, where in mpguino vss delay default is set to 500ms. So is it zero or 500ms. Wiki has blank value so one would assume zero yet default is 500ms. Also does VSS delay matter and what does that mean for results? Those 3 values are my concern below as they are not documented anywhere what it should be set ??? Any ideas?

Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????

Injector DelayuS = 500 ul ...that's default but wifi specific for VX is blank. Does that mean 0 or 500...???

VSS Delay ms = 2 ul .....not sure what VX specific would be ???
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