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You shouldn't bother so much about initial settings of MPGuino. Really it doesn't matter. I was starting wit MPGuino in Previa then in BMW, and I didn't had a clue about what I should put into initial settings. So I've entered just anything and started to drive. First I've accelerated to 100km/h and checked speed showed on MPGuino screen. I can't remember the exact value but let's say it was 112km/h and 8000 VSS pulses per km for example. So the value was too low. To correct VSS settings I've used a simple equation:

vss pulases in guino * (speed from guino / vehicle speed) = corrected VSS pulses to enter into guino settings

8000 * (112/100) = 8960
After entering correct VSS pulses I started to drive again and I've checked guino speed vs speedometer. It was fairly accurate. You may calibrate it further by comparing long distance guino miles vs miles from odo.

Then I started FE calibration. First you have to fill-up the tank and drive normally for few hundred km/miles, then you fill up and compare numbers from the pump with those from mpguino.

Equation to correct us per galon/litre is similar to that for VSS.

us per galon from guino settings * (MPG from the guino / MPG from the pump) = correct us per galon

MPG from the pump = 62MPG
MPG from guino = 58MPG
us per galon = 8932000 us

8932000 * ( 58 / 62) = 8355742

Other your questions:

Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????
Don't over-think that! Can't remember if v0.86 have rev gauge but if it has switch to that screen and check if revs are corresponding to tachometer. If not correct settings accordingly to the difference. Let's say rev meter in guino shows 2000revs/min when tacho shows 1000revs/min and you have 2 pulses per rev in settings. Change it to 1 pulse per rev and voila!

Injector DelayuS = 500 ul ...that's default but wifi specific for VX is blank. Does that mean 0 or 500...???
Leave it with 500us and you'll be fine.

VSS Delay ms = 2 ul .....not sure what VX specific would be ???
If you have stable reading of instant speed don't change anything there. If not you may increase a bit the value.

If after distance calibration you'll notice big difference between odo and guino you may check that settings too.

I'm hoping that explain everything to you

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

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