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Originally Posted by cbrer View Post
I live in the hot and humid south east. How much condenser efficiency will I lose by partially blocking my front grille on those muggy days?

My typical driving includes stop and goes. My typical trip length is ~ 10-20 miles. The vehicle is a 1995 Nissan hardbody with a 3.0 V6. 433,000 miles. The A/C blows ice cold, and is in great condition. The condenser and radiator are clean, undamaged, and fully unblocked.

I'm trying for 25-30 MPG as a first goal. So far tire pressure, an electric fan, 5W30 oil, and a vacuum gauge are getting me ballpark. I'm experimenting with a IAT resistor, but my first tests leave me a little skeptical.

Thanks for all input!
Grille blocking is done to conserve heat in cold weather and promote faster warm up of the engine.

You don't live in a place with a very cold climate. Besides, summer is fast approaching.

So what do you hope to gain by blocking your grille?
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