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My 2 cents

Originally Posted by cbrer View Post
So what do you hope to gain by blocking your grille?

Well, maybe I'm carrying a good concept too far. It's my understanding that grille blocking leads to improved air flow, and increased operating temperature leads to the ECU being "fooled" into leaning out the fuel mixture a little.

Please correct me if those are misconceptions. Thanks for the reply.
You are on the right track for sure. Aero improvement is secondary to the faster warm up time, which gets the engine into a 'closed loop' condition quicker.

Closed loop is a good thing, it means your emissions and fuel control are working together to keep your air / fuel ratio running its best.

So I agree that faster warm up times may be less of an issue in your climate, but it still is important.

FWIW, I use my engine block heater in fall, winter and spring, for the same reason, to get to closed loop quicker and allow TC to lock up sooner since tranny warms up faster too.

Good luck and welcome !!!

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