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Originally Posted by sickpuppy318 View Post
Wow, lots of higher education...

I'm a student at Pasco-Hernando Community College here in central florida. Summer is half over, i am looking for a job that'll justify paying a babysitter. I have two children, with one on the way, and they dominate right now. I have 39/60 credits, so that makes like two semesters left before the university, but i can only attend class while my fiance works. So with the new one on the way, i need to work for now.

I'm studying architecture, but automotive engineeering would be my second love.

So here's a question, engineers, what's it like to finally make it through all that school?
An engineering education is simply awsome. It will help you to just plain function better in life. Engineers tend to make most decisions based on the available data - not on pure emotion.

Another thing an engineering education helps with is (in general) seeing through scams and false advertizing. The old lady used to say "Where's the beef?"....we say "what are the facts?" Salesmen hates us.

Best of all, when you see break throughs in science, you really appreciate them for what they are.

Long live the Hubble

Once you get that engineering degree, you find that almost nothing is impossible. You have been trained to figure out what you don't know and how to aquire what you need to know.

Of course the pay isn't bad either.

Did I miss anything fellow engineers?
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