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Originally Posted by stewie View Post
HI guys. I have 0.86 version and wiki is up to date only to .80. My question for Jamdat and anyone with Civic 92-95 what are you settings for all values. It seems wiki only provides 2 values but there is like 6-8 and one is weight and default was incorrect so are rest incorrect to. All those values have to be correct right?

What are the settings values for all settings not just two?
Also how you guys calibrate the mpguino? I have 175 tires not 165 so what would i adjust and to what value.
Weight is not in use. You can put anything there. It's like the scratchpad, aka. notepad.

usecGal/injdelay, these are all you have to concern regarding injector signal.

Except that Up/Down setting is for determining if the injector signal is gnd or +12V. Majority of vehicles is ground-controlled, meaning "Down". And that is already default.

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