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Originally Posted by cbrer View Post
So what do you hope to gain by blocking your grille?

Well, maybe I'm carrying a good concept too far. It's my understanding that grille blocking leads to improved air flow, and increased operating temperature leads to the ECU being "fooled" into leaning out the fuel mixture a little.

Please correct me if those are misconceptions. Thanks for the reply.
Maybe you are carrying a good concept too far. Grille blocking reduces air flow under the hood. Theoretically it might improve aerodynamics in a minimal way, but not to the extent that it will produce significant gains in FE.

Blocking the grille can produce under hood temps that are higher than normal once the vehicle is at operating temp. That will cause the cooling fan to operate more often.

It's probably best to have a grille block that can be in place during winter, but removable in summer.
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