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On the V, you might want to delete the side-tubes (and rear tube?).

Here's what I did to my mud-flaps and grill.

On the nose job, I'm only using the lower half of the center intake. Since you are going to be pulling a load, I would start off with the upper section open as well.


I have an idea for installing a quickie air dam. There are 2 tie-downs on the nose with a large hole in each.
If you had a long pipe that would fit into those holes, it could act as a support for your air dam.
By taping holes into the pipe, you could screw in bolts or rods to keep it from rotating (from the wind load) and sliding out one side or the other.
Once it was locked into place, you could drill screw holes for mounting brackets or steel rods to support the air dam.

If I was doing it, I would bend 1"x1/8" aluminum bar stock (hardware store)
around the pipe (shaped like a 'J' hook) and fasten it with a couple of sheet metal screws. Then, I would mount a coroplas (or FRP) air dam across the vertical bars. (After making a template from cardboard).

You could also mount 'L' brackets along the sides and use coroplas (or FRP) there too. Save those metric bolts from the side-tubes.

Rear wheel skirts??
If you used some bent aluminum bar, bowed out to avoid tire rubbing and mounted some coroplas to it (pop rivets & big washers), then the skirt could be taped down with 100 MPH duct tape. No screws into the car.

I've been looking at that, but I think my goal of 35 MPG can be reached without doing it.. I'm too dang lazy!


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