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Ahhhh...this is hard. Sooooo...I did VSS P/M test and the closest i could get is 8086 and 8090. 8100 was little too high for 175 tires on our VX. I suspect that on 165 tires wiki number for VSS P/M is correct or close. Our analog speedo and odo is off by 2.5% due to tire size so you can not use those instruments for tweaking guino. Also wiki number is based on 165 tires so can't use that. Based on GPS i was only able to get within xx.2x mph number. The latency on GPS affects the number and numbers on guino are instant and on gps there is latancy so thats hard. Im assuming with km it's easier as its more accurate nubmer. Also i can bearly notice changes xx.2x so how can i record that. With that VSS P/M miles were off too a bit but that's normal when you change parameter. Next i will be tweaking Microsec/Gallon. Microsec i was testing was 0257763367. I will change this now however to 258562433 as miles were off a bit and will adjust Andrzej's method based on that.

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