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Originally Posted by WD40 View Post
trip testing 8088 0258562433
gps = 56.70 klm / 35.30 miles = actual mileage
mpguino = 56.89 klm / 35.35 miles = +0.19 klm / +0.05 miles

trip testing 8099 0258562433
gps = 56.70 klm / 35.30 miles = actual mileage
mpguino = 56.70 klm / 35.30 miles = +0.00 klm / +0.00 miles

I was thinking that maybe the wiki # is worth a try with the new VSS #
might test that out today.
Hmmmmmm....interesting. Cool. At 8100 the speedometer was off so not sure that number is ok for speedo vs GPS speed. That's what i was testing basically. Then did miles today. I will drive back 12 miles on 8094 and if it's off then try your number. Best thing to do would be to have GPS in car and drive on whole tank of gas. That would be most accurate but that's not possible with phones as you take them out of car and you will forget to turn it on and have to turn it on every time for every trip. Annoying. lol

Yeah give a shot? You don't trust your usec #? Thing is wiki number for MPGS was too high, way high. Try that one and i know Yoshi number maybe a worth a try too. Current MPG number i get on your number seem very close to what my car get. I think yours is in the ball park and new VSSP/m will throw it off now but with 2 tanks we'll get correct value. But like Andrzej said it really does NOT matter what initial usec numbers we use as when we do calculation at end of the tank by dividing you will get correct number. Then after that you can do 2 more tanks of calibration and you exact numbers you can trust.

MicroSec/Gallon(Custom Value to car) = 269113500. Yoshi SuperMID designer value custom to Civic VX.

I was thinking that GPS total distance for tank would be best with guino numbers. Not sure how to do that besides buying car GPS? Any idea?

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